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Admiral Sir Robert Hagan RN of the Irish Coastguard
I am investigating the life of Admiral Sir Robert Hagan RN of the Irish Coastguard; #99 in the CoY database.

Robert Hagan was born in 1794, probably near Magherafelt, Co. Derry, Ireland and died in Dublin in 1862.
He received his knighthood for rescuing upwards of 4,000 people from slavery whilst serving in the RN in the early 19th century.
In 1827 William Wilberforce, MP for Hull, wrote to the prime minister recommending him for a post as Water Guard of Ireland.

Googling, I found a message dated 8 June 2003 which seems to be from an earlier incarnation of, or pasted from, . The sender, Mr John Latham, a great great grandson of Robert Hagan, was seeking information. Since his message no longer appears on CoY I can't post a reply.

If anyone has access to posts from 2003 perhaps you would kindly assist me contacting Mr Latham.

The website with his message is:


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