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James Bradley (Raghly, Co. Sligo)
Jim Carroll
Looking for any information on my gr-gr-grandfather, James Bradley: b. 09 Dec 1831 in Culmore, Co. Derry, d. 24 Oct 1868 in Raghly, Co. Sligo, m. 28 May 1863 to Maria Tahaney (possibly from Riverstown) in Magherow, Co. Sligo. Volunteered 21 Feb 1854 (ADM/139/95, Continuing Service Number 9409). Parents were William Bradley and Ellenora McLoughlin from Culmore, Co. Derry.

In photo he is wearing a ribbon with text "Blues Centennial Committee". What is the uniform and insignia/rank? Family lore holds that he received an award and public recognition for an act of heroism that may have led to his death. GRO records state that he died of an abdominal abscess at Raghly. He was last posted to the Royal George 1 Apr 1864.

His widow and three children (one of whom was my gr-grandfather, Hugh Francis Bradley, MD) emigrated to Maryland circa 1870.

Any info will help!

Thanks ... Jim Carroll
Jim Carroll attached the following image:
Hi Jim, and welcome to the Forum.

If James was involved in a rescue, and received an award, our fellow member Roger (willoughr) is likely to have the details, since he is writing a book on the subject.

As to your photograph, if James died in 1868 then I do not believe this is of him, but another member of the family, possibly next generation. It is interesting that you say there is an American connection, because this uniforms looks more North American than English.

Jim Carroll
Hi, Martin. Thanks for the welcome! I am looking forward to learning more about the Irish Coastguards. I have been out twice to the ruins of the old Coastguard station at Raghly where my gr-gr-grandfather worked. I have a stone from it that I use as a paper weight.

But, YIKES! What you suggest is a whole new twist. The picture was my maternal grandmother's that she got from her father (Hugh Francis Bradley), and it was always understood to be a photo of his birth father, James. But there is no way to be certain.

What is significant is that the uniform does not jump off the page to you as mid-19th century Irish Coastguard or Royal Navy. The "Blues Centennial Committee" ribbon is a hint of some sort. Who could the "Blues" be? "Centennial" of what? Maybe it is a non-military uniform. A band?

Oh well. I could speculate all day. Maybe some others will also have some input. As for the act of heroism, perhaps Roger will know if facts support that notion or if it is simply family lore. It would be fun if it were to be true!

Many thanks ... Jim
From a 1998 post on ancestry

The poster thought that James Bradley was a navy surgeon - not a coastguard. It may be necessary to check navy list - there was an asst surgeon James Bradly on the Caradoc in 1866 and Nile in 1861. This is a discrepamcy with your death record.

I thought that I would take this opportunity to ask about my Bradleys.

James BRADLEY b. in Ireland. Married Marie TAHANEY abt 1862 in Ireland.
James died in Ireland abt 1869. He was a surgeon with the British navy.

Marie / Maria/ Moira Tahaney was the daughter of Hugh TAHANEY and Catherine
CORRIGAN. She was born May 1845 in Ireland.

James Bradley and Marie had 3 children:
-Ellen G. Bradley b. 1865 in Drumcliff, Co. Sligo, Ireland. married Edward
-Hugh Francis Bradley b. 1866 in Drumcliff. married Mary NEUMAN in Harford
Co., MD, he died 1940 in Harford Co.
-Catherine Bradley b. 1868 in Drumcliff. married Dennis CAHILL in 1893 in
Harford Co., MD. She died 1943 in Baltimore, Md.**** ( my line )
After James Bradley died, Marie and her mother came to America with two of the
children, Ellen and Hugh in 1870. Baby Catherine stayed behind and came to
the US after 1880.

After Marie Tahaney Bradley came to America she met and married another
BRADLEY! NO relation to James Bradley that we know of.

Marie's second husband was Daniel BRADLEY b. abt 1835 in Ireland. He came to
America in 1852. They married in 1872 in Harford Co., Md. He died after
Jim Carroll
Thank you BPA, this is very helpful. Actually, I think I know which of my cousins was the poster. All of her facts are correct, but for the lingering uncertainty regarding the right James Bradley.

An elderly cousin recalled many years ago that James was in the Coastguards. The James that I identified from the records (both ADM and GRO) was a boatman rather than a surgeon, and all the dates and places in the fact pattern mesh.

However, you are in sync with my grandmother who recalled being told that her grandfather (who died almost 40 years before she was born) was a surgeon. Her father (Hugh, son of James) went on to become a prominent doctor here in Harford County, Maryland. So that has some symmetry, and the fact is tempting.

The following James Bradley was an Assistant Surgeon on the Caradoc from 6 Sept 1864 to 13 Dec 1868. Unfortunately, he was alive and on the Duke of Wellington as late as September 1880, well after Maria left Sligo with her children.

Reference: ADM 196/9/541
Name: Bradley, James
Date of Birth: 13 April 1836
Rank: Fleet Surgeon

It seems contrary to human nature that Maria would leave a surgeon in the Royal Navy to start a new family in near poverty on a farm in Maryland. But stranger things have happened! The search continues!

Again, many thanks for your input.

Cheers ... Jim
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