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William Smith Sye
Could anyone add to this information: My Great Great Uncle William Smith Sye, who was born 1819 in Falmouth, Cornwall and christened 2nd September 1819 in Falmouth, was a brother of Henry Sye, whose details I got from previous forum discussion. William was in the Royal Navy and became a Coastguards Officer after the navy. He went to Sligo, Ireland and worked again as a Coastguards man. He married Hannah Huble (born 1819 in Harwich) 02/11/1846 in Sligo. Children Henry (1859), Elizabeth (1862) and William Thomas Sye (1861) were all born in Ireland, and then the family moved to Liverpool.

I can provide details of most of his CG career.

He looks to have been nominated to the CG Service from HMS Magnet, a 3 gun packet brig operating out of Falmouth, on 21 August 1840, although he may not have actually taken up the appointment until Oct 1841. I am uncertain about this because I've been unable to find his first posting to Duhooma, County Mayo.

I am more certain about the following:

13 Jan 1844 to Larne - removed to Pullendiva because of wifes ill health
9 Sept 1845 to Pullendiva
17 Nov 1846 to Rutland
promoted to Commissioned Boatman 25 March 1852
8 May 1861 reduced back to Boatman - Neglect at a wreck.
18 Feb 1862 restored to Commissioned Boatman
9 Aug 1865 promoted to Chief Boatman
He was still at Rutland in 1867, but it cannot have been long before he retired.

It is interesting that you give the date of his marriage as 1846, possibly a second marriage following the death of his first wife?

Hi Martin

This information has been very helpful and I am trying to see how it fits with the other bits and pieces I have received from family. There has been no mention of a wife dying but this may not have been picked up. I really do appreciate the details you have provided as with Henry Sye you have shone again. When I have digested the info I will probably be back on line again with more questions.

Regards Liz
Hello ! William Smith Sye is my father's granddad so I can provide the link from the point the family moved to Liverpool ! Incidentally, before I discovered the Falmouth link I had already started proceedings to move to Cornwall as I have always felt at "home" there.

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Ok .. here's what I have. William Smith Sye married Hannah Huble (coastguard's daughter)
They had a daughter, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth married a chap by the name of WILSON and they had many daughters:
Amongst those daughters are Lydia, HILDA (my nan), ANNA and SARAH who were twins
HILDA married Samuel Shaw
That's my DAD's dad
Interestingly, the names William and Henry pop up through the generations as my dad was William Henry SHAW. He had a brother, Samuel Hazlehurst Shaw, and two sisters, Elsie, and Lily who later changed her name to Gay.
William Henry Shaw married Doreen Gardner and they had 3 children of which I am one.
Minniehaha you may have been talking to my sister in law, Sue on Ancestry.

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If you are related to the Sye family of Philleigh, Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall, you are related to ME. I am willing to share. All my info is backed up by documentation.
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