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John Edward McCarry
Hello everyone, and thank you for considering this.
I'm trying to find any information about my gg grandfather who I believe was in the Irish Coastguard. His name was John Edward (or Edward John) McCarry, and he came to Victoria, Australia from Donegal in 1856. He was reportedly in the Coastguard, so that would have been 1848-1856.
He was born abt 1833 in Donegal (spoken record only), and married a girl from Kilcar in 1853, so he could have been from that area, or been stationed in the area.
If anyone has any more information about him, I would appreciate it.
Shelley Yeo, Perth, Western Australia.
Hi Shelley and welcome to the Forum.

I've looked at the CG records and did find a John McCarry, but he was pensioned in August 1862 so could not be your man. However I did a little more digging and found this man entered the CG Service in 1822 aged 21. At the time of his entry he gave his place of birth as Cushendale.

The following is conjecture on my part; from Oct 1845 until his retirement he was stationed at Rutland CG Station, Donegal, not a million miles from Kilcar. It is possible that the man you are trying to trace is his son. If he was born in 1833 then you might find details of his birth in the Gridore area, because the above John McCarry was stationed there from June 1831 prior to his move to Rutland.

Just because I did not find your John at a land based CG Station, this does not mean he was not in the CG Service. There was another branch of the service, where men served on Revenue Cruisers, which would mean them freely moving around the coast. The difficulty for researchers is that, unlike land based CG Stations, there are no records other than the Muster Lists, which requires knowing what cruiser they served on and access to the records at the National Archives, Kew.

I hope the above is of interest, and wish you luck with any further research.

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Thank you so much for the quick reply, Martin. I will follow up what I can from the other side of the world. My uncle did much of the early Irish research on the family, and he mentioned Scottish Coastguard, so John McCarry may have been on a cruiser.

I no longer have a subscription to the pay to view site Find my Past, but it is possible to search the catalogue. This returned a couple of possible hits for your man in the Work - Merchant Seamen sub category. Even though the records are for merchant seaman many Coastguards and men in the Royal Navy applied for their 'Tickets'. These records can be invaluable, because they provide details of a mans' place of birth, a physical description and where they normally resided.

Thanks. I'll have a look.
I have now found that John Edward McCarry's parents were John and Biddy McCarry, both born abt 1801. I now have to work out where they were born.

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I drew a blank with the men from the Merchant seamen--a John McCarrey from Cushedall (b. abt 1833) was in the merchant navy but he was not my ancestor. However, he was probably related. I found him in the 1851 Census living in Glenarm with a ship's crew.
However, I think you have hit the nail on the head with the John McCarry born 1801 in Cushendall who served on Donegal bases. I have found him in 1864 in Dungloe having remarried I then found death of his wife Biddy (also born abt 1801) and his remarriage to Mary Gallagher. An Anne McCarry, also living in Dungloe married Martin Quigley there abt 1861 and migrated to Australia 1875. On her death certificate, it states she was born (in 1845) in Burtonport (i.e.Rutland Base), which was then changed to Carrickfin (i.e. Guidore Base). This coincides with the family move in 1845. In 1868, John's brother (Bernard b 1834) returned to Ireland from Australia, married and became a farmer in Toberkeen near Dungloe. Old John and new wife Mary were sponsors of several of Bernard's children in Toberkeen.
I would really appreciate it if you could provide me with a copy or scan of the Coastguard record or any other data about the older John McCarry.
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