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john evans coastguard/ballydavid/ventry.
hi im hoping for anymore input if possible, i have recieved a bit of info from a kind member on this group, but am still none the wiser about some questions that are stopping me in my family research.
i still need to know if john was born in Ireland? or did they move from his wifes/his home in beumaris/anglesey.

i post below what i know, and what i was informed about, if anyone can shed more light, that would be great,
i do know that his wife is a widow and living in carnarvon in 1851, so he must have died before then,,,#

john evans coast guard?
hi all. im hoping for sone help please. whike tracing my famiky tree back i have found that my great x4 grandfather was born in ireland john evans 1833
but have yet to lear anything about his parents john and sarah
sarah was born in anglesey wales and all i have is from 1851 they are in caernarfon sarah evans as a widow.
along with harriett evans and grace evans and john evans.
jojn evans 1833 states he is born in tralee.
i have spoken to an a genologist in ireland.
and this is his reply to me.

I have found a baptism on Irish Genealogy of a Harriott (sic) Elizabeth Evans, Ventry Parish in 1827 (daughter of John Evans & Sarah Evans). John's occupation is given as Coastguard, which makes a bit more sense. In order to progress, you should go to the National Archives Kew website, and search for references to John's Coastguard service record. I had a look, and found a John Evans with a station address at Dingle (just a few miles from Ventry). Unfortunately, I can't find any other reference to his children born in that area.

can anyone else help me in any way with thus please?

thanks for listening neil

Sunday 7th May 2017, 07:32PM
Ventry (Kerry)
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I managed to locate Coastguard records for your John Evans as follows :

Ref : pg 176 / ADM 175-16
Station : Ballydavid
date removed :
from station : J.B. (? F.B.) same notation for 6 others at Ballydavid
Name/Rank : John Evans / Boatman
Reason :removed
Date Discharge/Removal : 31 May 1826
to Station : Dingle

Ref : pg 179 / AD 175-16
Station : Dingle
date removed : 31 May 1826
from station : CGS Ballydavid
Name/Rank : John Evans / Boatman
Reason : removed
Date Discharge/Removal : 10 Oct 1827
to Station : Ventry

pg 170 / AD 175-16
Station : Ventry
date removed : 10 Oct 1827
from station : Dingle
Name/Rank : John Evans / Boatman
Reason : -
Date Discharge/Removal : -
to Station : -
Notes : -

pg 165 / ADM

Station : Ventry
date removed : 10 Oct 1827
from station : Dingle
Name/Rank : John Evans / Boatman
Reason : Died
Date Discharge/Removal : 31 July 1843[?]
to Station :

I'm not sure what the notation under 'from' on the initial Ballydavid record stands for - I'd suggest a posting on the Coastguards of Yesteryear website to ask the experts there, include the references above.

The Church of Ireland marriage records for Ventry parish only go back to 1845 - early records for the parish were apparently lost during the civil war.

The baptism for Harriott Elizabeth Evans seems to be listed under Dingle rather than Ventry parish. (this entry is about half way down on the right hand page) There are a number of other baptisms on the same page which mention coastguards.

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i have just seen that he died in 1843,

Merged on 14/05/2017 13:36:46:
can anyone please tell me if there is possibly a way of knowing his cause of death in 1843 please and where he might be buried

Merged on 01/08/2017 15:23:17:
There is got to be something else i can search guys e contacted ventry /ireland archives, ive spoken with Kew archives,
abd im still none the wiser, if traced his famiky backwards, but i feel a strong Need to know Where and How this Man Died.
surely thete is sonething somewhere guys????

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back again,,,still none the wiser of where this man could have been buried!! i found a john evans on the burial page on this site......could this be him, with dated wrong on either side?

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Any more tips on finding how and where he may have died please??
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