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Thomas Baker
Nigel Linwood
Have been searching for Thomas Baker Coastguard he is my Gt Gt Grand Father who had a son Samuel Baker, born on the 2nd September 1859, so i assume that he worked at the Coastguard Station at Moville. Any help would be appreciated.
Nigel Linwood
Nigel welcome to the Forum.

I have looked at the CG Establishment Books and found a Thomas Baker working at Greencastle CGS in Derry for the period 1856-60. This is the next station down the coast from Moville so my money would be on this being your man (ADM 175/19 pdf 343).

If it is, you are fortunate as there is a good deal of information available for him. He has a full naval service history in ADM 29/78/17. This can be ordered from the National Archives or if you have access to Ancestry it can be viewed there.

Find my Past has his Merchant Seaman's Ticket No. 320116 and finally the CG Ship's Books provide details of his date and place of birth: Castle Cary, Somerset, 1 Aug 1819 (ADM 175/39 pdf 50)

Using the CG Establishment Books and Ship's Books it should be possible to trace his entire CG career, these are available as free downloads from the National Archives..

One final point to note is that during the Crimean War he was one of those CG's who saw active service, in his case on HMS Royal George, for which he was awarded the Baltic Medal.

Hope this helps with your research.

Nigel Linwood
Hi Martin
Thank you for the information on Thomas Baker I am sorry but i am not totally convinced that you have the right man,although he was working in Greencastle he was also living in Moville where my Great Grandfather Samuel Baker was born,nevertheless I shall continue with the information which you have found.

Many Thanks
Nigel Robert Baker Linwood.
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