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Coast Guard Help Please
HI all, I am very novice at understanding coastguard information. I have attached an image with the information of a Hugh McCullagh. First of all I am struggling to transcribe some of the details, that of the station removed from. I understand that he was moved to Barlogue but can not for the life of me decipher where he came from.
Also the number infront of the date when he moved (43) does this mean that 43 was his enlistment number? Similar to that on WW1/2 enlistments. Can I use this number to gain more information from somewhere? host

Many thanks in advance from an Aussie novice
Hi Kel

What you have posted is the page that records his promotion to Commissioned Boatman and notes from 'same station'. If you look at the opposite page to this you will see he came from Barlogue CGS, and as you rightly say went back there following his promotion.

I suspect in this instance the 43 is an Admiralty correspondence ref,

Hope this helps.

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Frantic Searcher
Hi. Hugh McCullagh, coastguard, was my great great grandfather! I found your post today. If you are interested in later detail of his family, I can provide some or most of it. I am looking for earlier details of his family. His wife was Margaret Stenaley, but that is about all I know of his or previous generations. I am also looking for a relative called John McCullagh, coastguard, who died in WW1 according to his death penny scroll, while on coast watch. But I have no detail. Can you or anyone help?
Welcome Frantic

I would like to help re John McCullagh, but I could find no one of that name on the CGWC website nor the medal roll or the list of navyl war dead who was a Coastguard. Does the scroll contain any additional information i.e. a service number, which might help identify your man?

Frantic Searcher
Wow! That was quick! Thanks, Martin, for your reply. I have just checked details: no number on the death penny, only the name, scroll says "Coastwatcher John McCullagh, H.M. Coast Guard" and that's all I'm afraid. The penny and scroll have been handed down in the family and came to me without any further detail other than that my great uncle who was serving in the trenches in WW1 put "John McCullagh" down as a listed next of kin. I hoped to get a reply from Kel who definitely was talking about the same Hugh McCullagh at Barlogue CG station, and hoped he might also know more about the Irish connections of the family later on, and particularly John for whom I have almost zero information.

I live in hope and expectation that someone will notice these posts and be able to provide further information! Many thanks for your help thus far.

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