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Navy List Sep. 1838.

Officers Employed in the service of the Coastguard.




Hackney John

19 Apr 25
Carey Thomas4 Apr 31Hains John24 May 31
Carr Henry John16 Mar 31Hamilton Thomas3 Oct 25
Carroll Andrew D.3 Apr 37Harding George28 Feb 26
Carter James (b)27 Jun 37Hare Thomas26 Oct 36
Cartwright Thomas31 Oct 23Harries Edward T.23 Jun 37
Caswell George25 Nov 34Harris Francis2 Aug 33
Charlesson Richd. W.21 Jul 30Harvey Henry15 Jan 38
Clarke C.G.12 Jan 35Haswell Charles S.13 Sep 32
Clerk Francis N.13 Jan 29Hawkins George10 Aug 32
Coleman John (a)1 Jun 37Hay Ralph17 Feb 36
Coleman John (b)27 Oct 35Hay William26 Apr 37
Collins Francis4 Apr 31Hearle Wm. M.29 Dec 32
Collins Geo.25 Apr 36Helby J.H.15 Jun 38
Colston Samuel31 Oct 28Hemer Robert15 Aug 29
Combe Matthew9 Jan 38Henry Alphonso17 Dec 21
Congdon William7 Jun 31Hewett Graham18 Feb 32
Conjuit John16 Mar 31Hewlett William17 Mar 38
Conner Samuel25 Mar 37Hicks William (b)12 Jul 37
Connor Ross26 Aug 34Higgon H.M.7 Oct 38
Coppin Fred1 Feb 37Hill Thomas (a)21 Oct 28
Cornish John (a)4 Oct 34Hill John (b)26 Oct 34
Cotgrave R.B.14 May 36Hill Edward14 Jul 38
Cox Henry18 Jun 31Hills John16 Mar 31
Creser Thomas8 Aug 38Hippisley C.J.9 Mar 36
Curlewis Wm. Edw.18 Apr 31Hire Frederick17 Mar 38
Dabine T.D.J.25 Apr 29Hockin Henry13 Nov 33
Dalyell James14 Jul 33Hodge Stephen19 Mar 23
Dangerfield Charles16 Apr 34Holbrooke James27 Jan 37
Davies John (c)17 Apr 38Hole William3 Mar 27
Dawson Richard30 Dec 37Holland John12 Feb 29
Dennehy Law12 Jan 35Holman Thomas H.30 Jun 34
Densten Thomas16 Jun 37Hooper Benjamin10 Apr 26
Dooley David9 Nov 31Howes George16 Mar 31
Dornford Josiah2 Jul 23Hungerford Thomas29 Nov 26
Dowse Rich.18 Mar 36Hunter Robert18 Apr 31
Drew Josias25 Apr 36Hunter Val. P.2 Sep 37
Earle Edward C.30 Jun 34Hussey Richard3 Apr 31
Edevain Richard T.22 Apr 31Inskip Peter P.25 Feb 36
Edwards Adams10 Mar 35Jackson Thomas (b)17 Apr 32
Elliot E.G.25 Oct 37Jackson Robert 12 Jan 35
Elwin Joseph18 Apr 31James Thos. Edward1 Jul 34
Elwin James5 Jul 36Jefferies J.H.17 Mar 20
Essell W. Folkes17 Dec 28Jeffreys R.G.6 Dec 36
Evison John C.26 Sep 37Joachim Richard16 Mar 31
Ferrar Wm. Augustus16 Mar 31Jobson Christopher24 May 31
Finemore John26 Aug 34Johnson Charles A.18 Apr 31
Foord James John12 Mar 38Jones H.J.12 Jul 36
Fothergill William26 Sep 37Keane Edward4 Jan37
France N.C.27 Jun 37Keeling J.J.24 Sep 35
Franklin Edward24 Mar 31Kelly Richard N.10 Jun 31
Franklyn Geo.5 Jul 36Kemp James16 Nov 32
Gardner George J.31 May 38Kempthorne Chas. H.7 Jul 31
Gilbert James9 Oct 29Kennicott G.17 Sep 36
Gill Wm. Young15 Oct 31Kerr J. James28 Jan 37
Gill Harry8 Nov 36Kiddle John22 Jun 36
Gilson Thomas A.3 Apr 36King Sydney2 Aug 33
Glynn H. Rich.7 Jun 33Kisbee Thomas21 Jun 26
Gooch Thomas L.2 Nov 37Knight John Ellis22 Apr 31
Goose Wm.23 Jan 35Lane William19 Jun 33
Goslin W.H.17 Oct 33Laston Samuel H.18 Apr 31
Goulett Charles11 Oct 37Lavington Thomas29 Mar 38
Graves Alex.12 Jan 35Lawrance Henry1 Jan 33
Gretton Walshall1 May 33Lawrence James20 Sep 28
Gutzmer John1 Feb 37Leary Daniel16 Aug 38

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#1 | Forteviot on 10/10/2007 22:55:31
Navy list Sept 1838- there is a Thomas Jackson (Cool can someone advise me as to what the (Cool refers to ?.
#2 | Tony on 14/10/2007 01:10:22
I believe that (a), (Cool or (c) after a name means that there are more than one of similar surnames and christian names.
#3 | neilspurgeon on 27/02/2008 20:51:27
I completely support Tony's view - the Lieutenant Thomas Hill (a) shown above (my GGGGrandfather) was identified in this manner in the "Commisioned Officers of the Royal Navy" when there were about six Thomas Hills in the lists

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