Henry George Manns

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Census 1901MannsHenry George

RankStation/CruizerDate of SeniorityBornDied
Chief Officer.MovillePortsmouth

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#1 | Patricia Davey on 19/08/2019 16:33:01
Born 15/02/1848 Landport, Portsmouth, Hants- Joined Navy 15/02/1866 for 10 years 57" Brown hair Grey eyes Fair complexion.First service date 01/01/1873 Last service date 21/03/92 no-68838. Joined Coastguard in 07/04/1875 in Moville with exemplary service record.[info from Ancestry.co.uk Died March 1934.Chief Boatman :Chief Officer
#2 | G Trevett on 12/03/2021 11:18:53
Henry had a son Henry George Manns 1879-1954 who trained and joined the Merchant Navy. Another son Francis Alexandria(yes Alexandria) Manns 1889-1976 was in the Royal Navy 1907-1928 and served most of WW1 on Princess Royal, fighting at the battle of Jutland. I was lucky enough to talk to Great Uncle Frank about some of it.

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