This site is dedicated to the Coastguards who lived and worked around the Irish coastline between the 18th and early 20th centuries. It includes a collection of CG station photos as well as facts and figures about the people , births, deaths, census information, etc. There are also some fascinating accounts of bravery during rescues from shipwrecks as well as interesting Extracts of shipwrecks and rescues, etc.
It was founded by Tony Daly back in 2001, though sadly he passed away in 2021 and it was his wish that the site remain up for the future for researchers and interested visitors.
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Random Article

Irish Census Records 1901 + 1911
Records culled from the 1901 + 1911 Irish census featuring Coastguards born both here and abroad.

This subsection includes;
  • A complete List of Coastguards extracted from the 1901 and 1911 Census of Ireland.
  • Some English Coastguard pensioners and their families taken from the 1901 and 1911 Census in Ireland.
  • Scottish Born Coastguards Stationed in Ireland - 1901 + 1911 Census.
  • Non-British born Coastguards from 1901 and 1911 Census of Ireland.
  • Welsh Born Coastguards from 1901 and 1911 Census of Ireland.

  • Article Category: Census Returns
    Coastguard Cutter

    The Coastguard Cutter 2.27

    -> Tony on October 28 2018
    Oct - Dec 2018. Issue 27

    R82, John Scott, Coastguard 1869.

    On Monday an inquest was held at Dungannon on view of the body of John Scott, Chief Boatman of Dunmore station, who was found drowned on the previous Saturday on the strand at Duncannon.....
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    Coastguard Cutter

    The Coastguard Cutter 2.26

    -> Tony on June 25 2018
    July - Sept 2018. Issue 26


    The Kynoch ammunition factory sited on the beach in Ireland at Arklow between 1895 and 1918, and adjacent to the Coastguard Station, had an number of fires and accidents....
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    Coastguard Cutter

    The Coastguard Cutter 2.25

    -> Tony on March 31 2018
    The Coastguard Cutter 2.25
    Apr/May/June 2018. Issue 25


    A Coast Life-saving service was established in Greystones in the nineteenth century under the British Government, and when Independence for the Twenty-six Counties was won in 1922, this Service was taken over and continued by the Department of Industry and Commerce in the newly established Irish Free State.
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    Coastguard Cutter

    The Coastguard Cutter 2.24

    -> Tony on January 01 2018
    The Coastguard Cutter 2.24
    Jan/Mar 2018. Issue 24

    R3. The Rocket Apparatus. 2013.
    A Life Saving Device. The early use of the rocket apparatus involved the use of George Manby’s design for firing a 6lb. Mortar with a line attached across a stricken ship just offshore.
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    Coastguard Cutter

    The Coastguard Cutter 2.23

    -> Tony on November 12 2017
    The Coastguard Cutter 2.23
    Nov/Dec 2017. Issue 23

    E158. Suicide of a Coastguard. Midleton, Sunday.
    Last evening a Coastguard officer named Thomas Wuztzell, marrief, 46, was found dead in his bedroom at Ballycrovane Station near Midleton, with a revolver by his side....
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