Two New Additions

-> Philip on August 11 2008
There are two new additions which may need some explaining.

Avatar Gallery and a new secure Validation system...
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Site News

Site New Look

-> Philip on August 03 2008
The upgrade of the site is now [more or less] done. Besides the new look it's pretty much the same as before. Members usernames and passwords and other settings are unaffected as well as any forum posts, photos or other submissions.

Updated: Please Read...
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RSS Feeds

-> Philip on March 15 2008
We have just added three new RSS Feeds to the site for anyone who uses RSS [Really Simple Syndication]

The three feeds currently are;
  • News
  • Articles
  • Forum
If you have an RSS reader or you just use your web browser, you can subscribe to any or all of the feeds to keep you up to date with what's happening in the wonderful world of Coastguards of Yesteryear.
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Article section - Medals

-> Philip on March 04 2008
Due to the interest in maritime medals, the article categories have been tweaked slightly. The "Bravery" category has been renamed "Medals" and the few non-medal bravery tales have been moved to the "Life and Times" category.

If anyone has any articles, stories or any medal related information they think would be relevant, please sent them in using the "Submit Article" link on the left.
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UK CG Stations Photogallery

-> Tony on February 28 2008
We have just added a new photogallery - UK Stations. There are over 120 photos from all over the UK. However, we don't have much information about each location.

If any of our UK members has any information about a particular photograph, please post it in the comments box below it. We would also welcome any photo's you may have to add to the gallery.
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