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The Coastguard Cutter Rebooted

-> Philip on March 16 2014
Some of you may remember The Coastguard Cutter, our newsletter that ran from 2003 to 2009. At it's height it had a couple of hundred subscribers. Unfortunately, due to the workload involved it was eventually shut down.
However, I'm delighted to inform you that Tony has decided to reboot it. It will no longer be sent as an email but more as a mini-magazine here on the site. It's going to be posted via our (much unused) news system. Each volume will be posted in it's own news category.
Each new edition will be displayed on the front page as well as in the general news list. Feel free to comment your thoughts.
Enjoy :)
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Site News

New Forum Moderator

-> Philip on October 14 2012
On behalf of Tony I'd like to thank Barnford for agreeing to take on the task of Forum Moderator.

As you may have seen, the never ending battle with spammers and other ne'er do-wells rages on as always. If anyone else is interested in taking on the role, please let me know by private message. You must be a regular member with at least a years membership.
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Spam Posts and Comments

-> Philip on June 09 2012
You may have noticed an increase in the spam postings and comments on this site recently. Unfortunately, this is a caused by the increasingly sophisticated programs or "bots" that trawl the internet these days.

The search for sites such as this one and drop their "payload" in the hope of either generating sales or increasing the Google page rankings of any links they post.
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Site Upgrade

-> Philip on November 27 2011
This site has just had a software upgrade.
If you come across any problems please comment below.
Thank you
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Tony and Coastguard related queries

-> Philip on March 07 2011
For personal reasons, Tony will no longer be able to deal with email queries regarding Coastguards related requests.
Consequently, until further notice members and guests looking for related information are asked not to use the contact page for such matters as these messages will no longer reach him. Everyone is welcome to use the forums as usual where they can post their own requests and hopefully answer others questions.

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