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Census 1901
The Coastguard Cutter 2.3
Coastguard CutterThe Coastguard Cutter 2.3
June/ July 2014. Issue 2.

P261., An Incident at Howth. 1916. Co.Dublin.
A Police man said he would like to draw attention to an incident which took place at Howth when the gun-runners assembled to the number of 1,000 or 1,200.....
The Coastguard Cutter 2.2
Coastguard CutterThe Coastguard Cutter 2.2
May /June 2014. Issue 2.

Piracy in Blacksod Bay. 1865. Co.Mayo
A few days ago while a schooner laden with Indian Corn, bound for Westport, was passing the Island of Innishea, in Blacksod Bay, a number of islanders in about twenty curraghs forced their way on board...
Lecture: Coastguard 1822 - 2014
Lecture: Coastguard 1822 - 2014
Maritime Institute Of Ireland
Coastguard 1822 - 2014

At the National Maritime Museum, Haigh Terrace, Dun Laoghaire,
7:30 pm Thursday 10th April 2014.

Lecturer: Joe Ryan, MSc in Emergency Management (Hons). He has worked at MRCC Dublin in operations for almost 20 years and co-ordinated during incidents e.g. FV Carrickatine, R111 (Dauphine at Tramore), Curragh at Bellderg cave and many more. The quote "Hands Round the Country" comes from 1901 and he will explain its context and how it still applies today. The main emphasis will be on how the Coastguard has contributed to famine relief, rescue work, its people and notable incidents over almost 200 years. The are some surprising stories, backed up with pictures.

Ticket: €10.00
fundraising to promote maritime heritage
available from Joe Ryan or from reception at the Maritime Museum. Ph 01-2143964 11 to 5 daily.
The Coastguard Cutter 2.1
Coastguard CutterThe Coastguard Cutter 2.1
March /April 2014. Issue 1.

Q30.Gallant Rescue by Coastguards. 1869 Co.Antrim
Gallant rescue of six men by the Coastguards at Whitehouse. During the fearful gale on Saturday night last, at 10.30. the watchman at the Coastguard Station, Whitehouse, hearing cries of distress, reported same to his officer, Mr.Simon Ahern, who at once ordered a boat to be manned, Charles Pethick, chief boatman, Nichulas Jenkins, commissioned boatman, Bernard M’Loughlin, James Cambridge, and William Pengally, boatmen...
The Coastguard Cutter Rebooted
Coastguard CutterSome of you may remember The Coastguard Cutter, our newsletter that ran from 2003 to 2009. At it's height it had a couple of hundred subscribers. Unfortunately, due to the workload involved it was eventually shut down.
However, I'm delighted to inform you that Tony has decided to reboot it. It will no longer be sent as an email but more as a mini-magazine here on the site. It's going to be posted via our (much unused) news system. Each volume will be posted in it's own news category.
Each new edition will be displayed on the front page as well as in the general news list. Feel free to comment your thoughts.
Enjoy :)


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