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Archibald Lawless
I am trying to find my very elusive ancestor Archibald Lawless. All we know is that he was born in Wicklow in 1813. The family lived there until 1871 when they turn up in Wales on the census with his wife shown as 'widow'. There has been a rumour in the family that he was a coastguard and I wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of any records that might help.


Sue Smile
Sue Restell
Hi Sue,

I've checked the index of nominations to the CG Service for both Ireland and England and the only Lawless I could find was a Lieut. Henry Lawless, who did serve in Ireland. He married a Miss Catherine Gask, 17 Jan 1825.

It is possible that your man was a mariner on one of the Revenue Cruisers, so would not feature in the indexes. Again he might also be a Customs Officer.

Thanks for that Martin. Henry could be Archibald's brother. Will keep digging.

Sue Smile
Sue Restell
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