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Ernest Holland
Census 1901
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GWest Coast/Galway Coastguard & Revenue Personnel <1852
The Sessional Papers printed by Order of the House of Lords - Papers on Transatlantic Communication - regarding use of Galway or Shannon as a Transatlantic Port have testimonies from the following members of the Coastguard/Revenue Service: WIlliam WIlliams, William Hamiton Burke, Henry Leigh, Frederick Kemble, Hugh McGuire, Francis Moore, JW Trousdell.

Moville School, Co. Donegal
This file contains the names of children at school in Moville, Co. Donegal. This is the school mentioned in the article on Bernard Wheyman. All of the children are either Established Church, Presbyterian or Methodist...

Attack on Coastguard Station at Kilbehagh, Kilrush, Co. Clare
The Times London, Middlesex, England July 19, 1867

The Limerick Reporter, 29 November 1839
Captain Teephook, of H. M. Cruiser Hamilton, stationed at Kilrush

The Desperate Plight of the Atlas
At 7 a.m. on November 25th 1880 the Austrian barque ďAtlasĒ of 400 tons, loaded with maize, and on itís way from New York to Papenburg, was driven onto the infamous rocks at Atherfield Ledge .....

Glossary of Customs and Excise terms
Glossary of Customs and Excise terms.

Appointments and Promotions.
APPOINTMENTS and PROMOTIONS COASTGUARD. 1836. The following appointments and removals have taken place in this force in Ireland. Appointments.....

Troubled Times
The period of the early 20's has always been euphemistically referred to as "the time of the troubles", a really fitting term. In the country in general, as an aftermath of the Easter Rising there was a vast increase of support for Sinn Fein and the Irish Volunteers.

JSAR Games 2008
Photographs from JSAR 2008. [Joint Search and Rescue Games] Howth 10/05/08

A Cautionary Tale
Ever not found your ancestor and wondered how he managed to elude the Census, the following could suggest why.

Samuel Humphrey, Career Summary
Samuel Humphrey, Career Summary. (details taken from Service Register downloaded from National Archives)

Navy Manoeuvres 1888
The steamer Vulture, with coal for Admiral Bairds fleet was about to leave Crookhaven harbour this evening when she was cleverly captured by the local Coastguards through a ruse....

Navy Statue Dalkey
Q. Is this statue erected on Beacon Hill near the Dalkey Coastguard station a monument by a local resident to a long Naval career across the Seven Seas of the World?

Red Faced Rescuers
On May 22nd, 1819, The "Savannah" put to sea, with steam and sails on the historic trip which would take her from America across the Atlantic Ocean to England...

Lusitania Inquest
On 1st May, 1915, the British Cunard Liner 'Lusitania' departed New York for liverpool. On 7th May the unescorted ship was about 15 miles off the Irish coast opposite Kinsale Harbour. The Commander of U-boat U20, Kapitan Leutnant Walter Schwieger, on wartime patrol sighted the 'Lusitania' and fired a single torpedo into her side.