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George Allport
Census 1901
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Formation of the Coastguard
In 1816 the Preventive Water Guard which had been in operation since 1809, was extended and reorganized and took over control of the Revenue Cruisers and the Landguard. By establishing a number of stations along the coast that worked in close cooperation with the cruisers at sea...

The Tiltman Family Coastguards - Part 2
All coastguards and water preventive boatmen are shown on the tree in CAPITAL letters. My great grandmothers line is shown in red and my great grandfathers line is shown in blue - their grandfathers were also 'cousins'!

Coastguard Wreck Tokens
Tokens were made of bronze and were the size of a pre-decimal penny. They were issued to assistants employed at a Wreck Service so that those who had been engaged by the officer in charge could be identified when claiming for their services.

James Gunning - A Dalkey Man
James Gunning married his seventeen-year-old sweetheart, Ellen Redmond, in St. Michael's church, Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire) in February 1865. He was thirty-one years of age. His marriage certificate gave his residence as HMS Nightingale, a 60-hp gunboat attached to HMS Ajax, the Coastguard Flagship at Kingstown Harbour. His Naval service record revealed that he had joined the Royal Navy in February 1854 at the age of 20.

Portrush Rocket Life Saving Company
Portrush Rocket Life Saving Company, who were volunteers under Coastguard management, used this Wreck Post on Ramore Head for their quarterly practice exercises...

Henry Spears Grinton
The Auchtertool parish records show his birth as follows: “16th August 1822 John Grinton and Rennie Mather had a son born to them and baptized the 25th Sept named Henry Spears”

A Coastguard of Irish Birth
John James Montgomery was my grandfather, born in 1847. A large sepia photograph suggested a huge burly man with a beard ......

Irish born Thomas Selvey in the Coastguard
My ancestor Thomas Selvey, born 1772, came from either Queens County or Queensborough, Ireland. He moved to Portished, Somerset by about 1790. In the 1851 Census his occupation is given as Superannuated Customs Boatman.

Naval Funeral at Wicklow. 1903
On Thursday afternoon the remains of Mr. Wm. Henry Darte, Chief Boatman in charge of Ballinacarrig Coastguard Station, were interred in Three-Mile-Water Cemetary with naval honours.

Wreckers and Plunderers 1856.
The entire county of Wexford had to pay a levy following the plundering of the "Irrawaddy", a big merchantman which went aground on the Blackwater Bank, off the coast of Wexford, on October 13, 1856.

Capture of two Smugglers
On Sunday, the Sylvia, Revenue Cutter, Lt. Forward, Commander, while cruising off Arklow Head, sighted two smacks of very suspicious appearance. The cutter bore down upon them and showed signals for them to hove to, but to no purpose...

Tiltman Family Coastguards
In January 1817 Henry Tiltman, aged 32 a seaman born in Rye, Sussex and a married man with a least 3 children ( he probably had more but there is no census information available) was nominated to the Preventive Boat.

Lazarus Roberts joined the Coastguard and Revenue service in 1825 in Weymouth, Dorset and was in until his retirement in 1855, and was stationed at Lulworth, Milton on Sea, Harwich and Brightlinsea, before Yarmouth in 1845...

William Williams
William Williams was born in Ballintoy Co. Antrim on 10th August 1833. His father, Enoch Wlliams, was a Coastguard stationed there. His mother was Anne, nee Seymour.

William "Bulldog " Young
The name 'Bulldog' was applied to William Young most particularly because he was always accompanied by a bulldog, but it could equally be said of him that he was one of the 'Bulldog Breed'. He certainly looked the part and it epitomised the larger than life picture that he presented.